Luxava takes out Commercialisation Prize

David and Shayan

Congratulations David Marpaung and Shayan Shahnia on winning the 2016 Commercialisation Prize for their invention Natama that will be available for purchase through Luxava Technologies.

It was announced at the recent CUDOS workshop that David and Shayan were awarded $3,000, which they will invest back into their start-up. They are now working on improving the current design and performance of the prototype and develop their business and customer engagement plan to bring the product fully into the market.

The judges who awarded the prize said it had won because it provided the most complete and compelling business plan and the applicants addressed all aspects required by the judges.

“Today’s modernised world is experiencing an ever growing need for bandwidth. This has resulted in a crowded spectrum with a tendency to move towards higher and higher frequencies. Through the method of spectrum sharing for instance, one can access more bandwidth. A technology is needed, however, to remove the resultant interference, whether as a by-product of methods such as spectrum sharing or as a result of manmade disturbance.
To this end we are introducing Natama - a high performance, compact, frequency agile microwave filter technology that is ideal for interference mitigation with applications in defence or electronic warfare, co-site interference cancellation, satellite communications (satcom) and mobile test and measurements.” - David Marpaung and Shayan Shahnia.