Professor Yuri Kivshar awarded prestigious Medal and Prize

Yuri Kivshar

Yuri Kivshar, CUDOS Deputy Director and Head of the ANU Non Linear Physics Centre, was awarded the Harrie Massey Medal and Prize at the recent AIP conference for his work in the field of nonlinear optics, metamaterials and metadevices.

The Medal and Prize (named in honour of renowned Melbourne born Physicist, Sir Harrie Massey who led the British space research programme) is awarded every two years for contributions made by an Australian Physicist working anywhere in the world, or a non –Australian for work they have carried out in Australia.

Professor Kivshar said that the topic of metamaterials was initially outside the original CUDOS (2004-2010) research areas and was funded by ARC though his Discovery projects are totally bounded to microwave experiments. Later, when CUDOS commenced its next seven year period of operations in 2011, metamaterials featured as one of its flagship programs and this boosted enormously the research directions leading to the overall success of the field of optical metamaterials in Australia.

He said “I’m very indebted to the CUDOS team for the support and also thanks all collaborators for their great input and research results.”