CUDOS postdeadline paper at OECC/ACOFT 2014


Congratulations to Kai Hu and co-authors for the acceptance of their postdeadline submission to OECC/ACOFT 2014 in Melbourne. Kai will present the paper at the conference on Thursday, 10 July 2014.

Paper title: Low-threshold Brillouin Laser at 2 ┬Ám Based on Suspended-core Chalcogenide Fiber

Authors: Kai Hu (1,2,3,4), Irina V. Kabakova (1,2), Thomas F. S. Büttner (1,2), Simon Lefrancois (1,2), Darren D. Hudson (1,2), Sailing He (3,4), and Benjamin J. Eggleton (1,2)

1) Institute of Photonics and Optical Science, School of Physics, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
2) Centre for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
3) State Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Instrumentation, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
4) Centre for Optical and Electromagnetic Research, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China