Teacher's Optics Resource Kit

CUDOS is passionate about supporting science teachers so that together we can stimulate interest and encourage wider participation in physics in Years 7 – 12. Our support comes through classroom kits developed by CUDOS researchers; online tutorial resources for teachers; and (coming soon) professional development opportunities through invitations to showcases and special events.

The Optics Discovery Kit

Photo of Optics Kit

The Optical Society (OSA), a leading international association dedicated to advancing the study of optics and photonics, has prepared a popular, educational discovery kit to introduce high school students to modern optical science and engineering in a classroom context. The kit features 11 experiments utilizing different components.

CUDOS has taken this kit and adapted it to target specific NSW HSC learning outcomes. We have also added two new experimental demonstrations easy to implement in a high school classroom. In the first experiment, students are encouraged to recreate the original Herschel experiment (first performed in 1800) where the existence of invisible infrared light was first discovered. Students and teachers are then prompted to explore the properties of light confined within an optical fibre in the second (two part) NA experiment. All of the experiments in the Kit have been aligned to the relevant syllabus points of the stage 4/5 science syllabus, NSW HSC and new National Curriculum.

The Kit includes: 2 biconvex lenses, 1 biconcave lens, 1 plano-convex fresnel lens, 1 mirror, 1 hologram, 1 optical illusion slide, 1 diffraction grating, 1 laser pointer, 1 meter of optical fiber, 2 polarizers, 4 color filters, 13 detailed instruction sheets for the experiments and a 1 sheet summary of the relevant curriculum points for each experiment.