2015 International Year of Light

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WOMBAT 20-22, July 2015

The three-day Workshop on OptoMechanics and Brillion scattering: Fundamentals, Applications and Technologies (WOMBAT) brought together a dynamic group of international researchers in optoaccoustics. Held in two venues - The University of Sydney and Waterfront at The Rocks, with stunning views over Sydney Harbour, WOMBAT hosted many well-known researchers in this exciting new field of photonics including keynote speakers Professor Kerry Vahala from Caltech and Professor Gaurav Bahl, from the University of Illinoi at Urbana-Champaign. NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, Professor Mary O’Kane gave the opening address at a reception event. View photos from the workshop on the WOMBAT website

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CUDOS is funded by the Australian Research Council under the Centres of Excellence Program , with further support from our seven constituent universities, fifteen partner investigators, and the New South Wales State Government.

News Highlights

Neetesh & Darren

Breakthrough light source for early detection of disease and pollution


CUDOS researchers have made a major advancement towards the design of inexpensive monitoring devices that can detect human disease and air pollution at very small levels.


Dragonfly sets sights on distant planets


A team from CUDOS, the Australian Astronomical Observatory and Sydney Institute for Astronomy successfully installed Dragonfly, a single hybridized photonic chip designed to take images of distant planets, at Australia’s largest telescope.

Invisibility cloak

Invisibilty cloaks and bending light


Magic 'mantles of invisibility' have appeared in folk stories through the ages. Now, metamaterials' have brought invisibility cloaking out of the realm of fiction and into science fact. CUDOS Professor, Yuri Kivshar recently delivered a public lecture ‘Metamaterials: Invisibility cloaks and bending light’ as part of the 2015 Academy of Science Speaker Series – Where Science Fiction becomes Science Fact.